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Basic Info
Character Name:

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Armory Link: … ousndwatts

Spec and Role Applied For:
Elemental, Raider/Mythic +

Is there anything unusual (suboptimal or goes against standard theorycrafting) about your current spec
or gearing? If so, please explain:

I sim on raidbots and run whatever is highest per the fight that I would encounter.  I read information on Stormearthandlava to stay up to date on what is working best for the class and am also a member of the applicable discord.

Do you have a viable offspec(s), and if so what is it? Which specs are you comfortable playing in a raid?
I can fill in offspec as a healer.

Please link one or more logs, preferably recent:

Please provide one or more screenshots of your UI while in combat (preferably in a raid/dungeon):
I don't have any screenshots of my ui during this expansion but I am using Preach's UI if you are familiar with his

Please go to and test your connection to Chicago, USA. Post the link to your test here:
What kind of computer do you have? (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc)(Hint: Use the WoW Beta profile page):
i7-8700K, 1080Ti, 64GB Ram, Liquid cooled

History and Availability
Please give an account of your raid experience, including any pre-WoD content you completed. Please
only include content completed when current:

Started WoW a few months before TBC was released.  First experience raiding was in Kara.  Played a little during most expansions but burned out from TBC and life.  Did not play WoD at all.  Picked up wow again after legion had been out for a bit. Started tanking on my DK and was recruited into guild to tank for their group 2 raid.  Eventually earned a spot on their mythic roster and ran the group 2 raid on the side.  Was asked to gear my Ele shaman during ToS and ran that in Antorus as well as my DK in the second group.  Planned to start strong this expansion but I'll go into that in the next question.

What other guilds have you been in? Why did you leave them?
I am currently in Gnome Regrets on Azuremyst/Staghelm.  We had quite a few people decide BFA was not for them or they wanted breaks from serious grinds and other life events(including the GM) and our mythic group did not have enough people to continue with serious progress.  I still want the challenge of doing Mythic + and an opportunity to do Mythic raiding.  That is why I feel I must look for a new place to do.

What websites or tools do you use to prepare for new content and to keep up-to-date on your class?, mmo-champion, simming on raidbots
Why do you want to join Pals for Life?
Your recruitment post said you like to raid and do Mythic +.  That fits my check boxes.

Do you have any foreseeable schedule conflicts with the posted raid times?
I am active duty in the military so anything could happen but more than likely will not be a problem.

More About You...
Which of the bosses you've encountered was the most challenging to you, and why?
Zul can be challenging if priests miss the dispel and I have to try and purge because it uses a lot of mana and can only do about three to four before going oom.  Most of the bosses that I have encountered this expansion have been fairly simple but I have not been in the mythic content yet. 
What do you think you bring to the guild that others of your class/spec cannot bring? Why should we
choose you over another applicant?

I have a good attitude and am willing to do what is best for the team.  If that means sit, I sit, if it means passing a bis item to someone who would benefit from it, then I'll pass it.  I want to be a part of a team and help the team get better.

(BONUS) Write a haiku about PALS FOR LIFE...drawing a picture is also acceptable
Riptide washes clean

Purify spirit cleans the soul

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5-8-6 haiku my man

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Couple of questions from the other #worstclassinNA.
Raidbots for simming is always wonderful, however with eles those sims can go right out the window when it comes to real world fights. There’s no patchwerk fights anymore (sadly).
Can you give me a couple of instances (in Uldir) of what you think different stats priorities might take effect? Also what traits/talent variations do you think might be useful (that might not nesc sim high)?
What maelstrom amount do you normally pop ES at?
Do you use Spirit wolf talent or Earth Shield more? Why?
And if you’re using primal elementalist, what is the most annoying thing that always has to be done?

Re: Progression group fell to BFA

1. That is an accurate statement, but I believe it helps to see how differing stats or gear pieces effect the overall dps.  I agree though that the closest thing we had to patchwerk recently was vari in antorus until mythic when you would save some big hitters for the apparitions. 

2. The uldir buff seems to be a factor in my opinion with the stat weights.  I find significant value in haste/crit, but with the uldir buff each week stacking, it seems like that raid will forever make stat priorities a little wonky.  Mastery seems a bit insignificant after certain levels are achieved.  If content is new there hasn't been a theorycrafter explain what is working best on certain fights then I will try differing talents and gear between pulls to see what performs best in that encounter.  I think unlimited power has some potential although it doesn't sim higher than stormkeeper and ascendence.  In fights where movement is important or where you couldn't time ascendence properly to maximize its usage, unlimited power wouldn't need that and can proc giving you a fairly consistent buff.  This might not be applicable but I also tried running wind rush totem on Fetid in case people got a bad knock back to help people get back within range of the boss quicker.  It seemed to me like it could improve the group dps as a whole even though its a 2 min cd.

3. I try to pop ES before capping on maelstrom.  If I am at 60 Maelstrom and I have lava surge I will go ahead and use my lava surge then pop ES, or if I am about to move I may go ahead and full cast one more lava  before popping ES while moving.  Sometimes I might save it if the situation calls for it but rarely.  The only example I have of this was in Antorus on Var Mythic, and I was expected to rock the apparitions so I was saving heavy hitters for that specific encounter and I was always way above others on add dmg then(but it was also my assignment to do so).  It made the adds go down super fast and we were able to kill it.  I do not claim to know more than anyone else and I am always willing to listen to differing perspectives and try things out to see what works best.  I enjoy having educated conversations on improving a class or making it more efficient. 

4. Most of the time I have used spirit wolf.  When you need to get out of the group quickly and may take some damage while doing it, I like the little extra speed and also the slight dmg reduction. 

5. On the pull not targeting the boss when I pop my ele.  Most annoying thing was when raid lead wanted ranged at max range for Mythrax and I was in range to hit the boss by my fire elem wasn't in range to cast its 1m cd meteor onto the boss.  I guess if you were running Storm ele and forgot to do the manual cast buff could also be annoying.

Thank you

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Yeah being the only ele here makes me want to pick others brains regarding specifics. So as much as it may seem like an application, it’s just me picking the brain of another ele as well!

3) I’ve been finding myself hitting ES at 60 maelstrom (esp on some of the new fights) as it doesn’t scale anymore. With a lot of the fights the periods of either of an off add or a lot of adds I can’t seem to dump it quick enough with either crazy LS procs or Stormieeper. Not a whole lot of saving absolute burst needed besides maybe Fetid.
4) I’ve seen a lot of people using Earth Shield, which is driving me nuts. The 20% dmg reduction is essentially another personal for fights such as Mother (wall transitioning) or Mythrax getting the shit out. Besides why waste a global?
5) You nailed this one. But another side point is using Earth elemental is a very slight dps boost with primal elementalist. However the key (which is annoying as fuck) is taunt is auto on, so you have to deactivate it. Then when you pop a fire ele you have to re-enable that same pet bar slot for it to auto cast the fire spell (forgive me can’t remember the name). Then mythic + is a crapshoot as you’ll sometimes need the taunt. But for sure pulling off the start and the manual abilities are annoying as fuck.

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That's a valid point, if they would just give us control of the taunt and not make it auto on, our lives would be so much easier.

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Hi Guys
i'm new
I'm also in the process of getting information

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patriot wrote:

Hi Guys
i'm new
I'm also in the process of getting information

Good job pal