Topic: Shadow Priest or Hunter!

Basic Info
Character Name: Muringue-MoonGuard / Cayori-MoonGuard

Battle Tag: Inochi#11366

Country: USA

Age: 23 (almost 24! big_smile)

Armory Link: … d/Muringue … ard/Cayori

Spec and Role Applied For: Ranged DPS/Off-Spec Healer.   Shadow Priest / BM Hunter

Is there anything unusual (suboptimal or goes against standard theorycrafting) about your current spec
or gearing? If so, please explain:
My shadow priest has much more crit than haste sad Crit's still good, but Haste is always Bae

Do you have a viable offspec(s), and if so what is it? Which specs are you comfortable playing in a raid?
I'm totally comfortable playing Holy, Disc too but to a lesser extent. Otherwise definitely shadow.

Please link one or more logs, preferably recent:
I haven't really Mythic Raided all that much on my Priest, but I'll supply their page just in case, among the character's I've mythic raided on. … pec=Shadow … e=detailed … ;source=18
Please provide one or more screenshots of your UI while in combat (preferably in a raid/dungeon):
Please go to and test your connection to Chicago, USA. Post the link to your test here:
What kind of computer do you have? (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc)(Hint: Use the WoW Beta profile page): … f9db44.png

History and Availability
Please give an account of your raid experience, including any pre-WoD content you completed. Please
only include content completed when current:

HFC 7-13M
NH 7/10M
ToS 5/9M
Antorus: 10/11M (Argus CE dead)
Uldir: 5/8M

What other guilds have you been in? Why did you leave them?
I trialed for Pact on Moon Guard because I had a load of friends in there. Though they all recommended I trialed as a DH since they super needed one. I'm a ranged DPS player at a heart however, so being melee was uncomfortable and easily spotted by the GM. Failed the trial, though regardless of whether or not I passed, I was considering to withdraw because of said Melee-uncomfortableness.
I also was with Ethala Zaram / Bigger & Better Things for most of Legion and the start of BFA, though the guild quickly died in BFA.
What websites or tools do you use to prepare for new content and to keep up-to-date on your class?
Simc, Wowhead, Class Discords, Youtube, Class Websites.
Why do you want to join Pals for Life?
I'm really looking for a guild where I can become a part of the team and enjoy my time. BFA is bad, but it doesn't mean my time has to be bad, and that's remedied by having awesome raid members to play with. I raided a good bit in Legion, then went back to an older guild where the raiding wasn't awesome but the members were, though that died very early into October and I've been wandering around since. I really want to get back into a guild where I can raid at the high-end again.
Do you have any foreseeable schedule conflicts with the posted raid times?

More About You...
Which of the bosses you've encountered was the most challenging to you, and why?
Fetid on my DH. The strat we did was super simple, but among myself not being comfortable on melee, having that debuff on a melee heavy team was really rough.
What do you think you bring to the guild that others of your class/spec cannot bring? Why should we
choose you over another applicant?

I'm compliment on my ability to do mechanics a bunch. I sacrifice logs and parsing if it means getting the kill, and will happily volunteer to stand in fire if it meant we got the kill.

(BONUS) Write a haiku about PALS FOR LIFE...drawing a picture is also acceptable
business is hard
how can i make some money
doing what i love