Topic: 353 monk 350+ any spec

Basic Info
Character Name:Leö

Battle Tag:FlyingAce#11163



Armory Link: … d/Le%C3%B6

Spec and Role Applied For:DPS / MW / BM i enjoy them all, but one specific for the most would be good to configure azerite shit

Is there anything unusual (suboptimal or goes against standard theorycrafting) about your current spec
or gearing? If so, please explain:
Slightly, i don't have 3 stacked swift roundhouse for WindWalker but i have one and two other good traits. My BM i usually go for more mitigation over damage but that can be changed easily.

Do you have a viable offspec(s), and if so what is it? Which specs are you comfortable playing in a raid? I can play any monk role. Mist weaver probably being my least knowledgeable but i can heal well with it at least HPS wise in pugs, and throw out some sunrise kicks.

Please link one or more logs, preferably recent:I haven't logged anything worthy sadly. Only have tanked for my guild in a log, which was uldir normal. I am 8/8 N 3/8 H from pugging.

Please provide one or more screenshots of your UI while in combat (preferably in a raid/dungeon):

Please go to and test your connection to Chicago, USA. Post the link to your test here:

What kind of computer do you have? (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc)(Hint: Use the WoW Beta profile page):FX 8350 16gb ram gtx 960

History and Availability Any time after 5

Please give an account of your raid experience, including any pre-WoD content you completed. Please
only include content completed when current:
Did progression server raiding in FFXIV and Wildstar. Have gotten 8/8 norm and 3/8 heroic from pugging so far, other than that i've played some private server WoW and a little mythic raiding during HFC in Draenor.

What other guilds have you been in? Why did you leave them? Pizza Hut, mainly the Raid Leader doesn't have time to recruit or care and his wife screams at him on mic.

What websites or tools do you use to prepare for new content and to keep up-to-date on your class?Bloodmallet, SimCraft, Raidbot, Streamers, IO etc

Why do you want to join Pals for Life?Seem like you guys are good players and i want to learn and do some good raiding.

Do you have any foreseeable schedule conflicts with the posted raid times?I might be moving in a 1-2 months but it will last less than a week if so.

More About You...I am a white boi from Texas living in Tennessee. I am pretty nice and mellow and good at planning things out. I have really long hair and i like doing lots of different things in life.

Which of the bosses you've encountered was the most challenging to you, and why?So far Mythrax but once we 2/3/8 it was really easy. 3/8 heroic mostly was a joke so far. Vectis heroic i haven't killed but seems the most challenging. Some of the mythic dungeons at 5+ can be rough but usually just my pug groups or a new mechanic.

What do you think you bring to the guild that others of your class/spec cannot bring? Why should we
choose you over another applicant?
I bring the smiles : ) yeet. I don't know, I am not that cool but i am nice and good at playing monk or calling stuff out. I can be useful other than being a brain dead dps or whatever.

(BONUS) Write a haiku about PALS FOR LIFE...drawing a picture is also acceptable Pals for life i see, cute name and good raid team sweet , let me be a pal

Re: 353 monk 350+ any spec

No ring enchants? They are super cheap.


Re: 353 monk 350+ any spec

4-8k isn't cheap to me sadly. I was replacing gear a lot and haven't really had the money for enchants as a new player.

Re: 353 monk 350+ any spec

I could throw on some cheaper ones, just haven't really had any help to teach me small things like that.

Re: 353 monk 350+ any spec

Also i've boosted my ilvl up to 358/359 albeit not perfect statting and my weapon is 345 as Mistweaver.

Re: 353 monk 350+ any spec

Yes I was referring to the +27 enchants not the +37


Re: 353 monk 350+ any spec

I threw on some crit ones thanks for the advice, I've bumped my tank level up to 360 now and I'm mostly focused on crit for BM / MW. I've learned a lot about all 3 specs so really just looking for a group to play with that wants me on a focus or maybe 2 specs.