Topic: Slicktrik Mage

Basic Info
Character Name: Slicktrik

Battle Tag:  Slicktrick#2460

Country: USA

Age: 28

Armory Link: … /Slicktrik

Spec and Role Applied For: arcane/frost

Is there anything unusual (suboptimal or goes against standard theorycrafting) about your current spec
or gearing? If so, please explain:
not really.

Do you have a viable offspec(s), and if so what is it? Which specs are you comfortable playing in a raid? i play all mage specs, i also multiclass every class except monk, right now at 120 i also have druid, rogue and pala

Please link one or more logs, preferably recent: … amage-done … amage-done

Please provide one or more screenshots of your UI while in combat (preferably in a raid/dungeon):

Please go to and test your connection to Chicago, USA. Post the link to your test here:

What kind of computer do you have? (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc)(Hint: Use the WoW Beta profile page): 6820hk gtx 1070 32 gig ram 256 ssd + 1tb drive

History and Availability
Please give an account of your raid experience, including any pre-WoD content you completed. Please
only include content completed when current:
cutting edge mythic argus and archimonde.

What other guilds have you been in? Why did you leave them? rainbowcupcakes, disbanded mid legion. currently in keystone raiders

What websites or tools do you use to prepare for new content and to keep up-to-date on your class? bloodmallet, simcraft, herodamage, altered time, reddit competitivewow.

Why do you want to join Pals for Life? Established guild, good history

Do you have any foreseeable schedule conflicts with the posted raid times? not really

More About You...
Which of the bosses you've encountered was the most challenging to you, and why? Historically, mythic archimonde was pretty hard for our raid. Everything else just takes time.

What do you think you bring to the guild that others of your class/spec cannot bring? Why should we
choose you over another applicant?
good deeps, good mechanics, help brainstorm wipe reasons and tacts.

(BONUS) Write a haiku about PALS FOR LIFE...drawing a picture is also acceptable roses are very red, wow is a good game, i like raiding a lot.