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Basic Info
Character Name:

Battle Tag:



Armory Link: … uzad/døraa

Spec and Role Applied For:
I've played Enhancement this whole expansion. I can play resto (no leggies though) and also Elemental (No leggies and lower artifact)

Is there anything unusual (suboptimal or goes against standard theorycrafting) about your current spec
or gearing? If so, please explain:

I'm missing an enchant or 2 on ring necky at the moment. Been replacing pieces quickly and will enchant them shortly.

Do you have a viable offspec(s), and if so what is it? Which specs are you comfortable playing in a raid?
I've played my shaman since Burning Crusade. I've raided from the T4 days and have played every shaman spec at a very high level and am familiar with all 3 of them with Enhancement and Resto being the stronger ones at the moment.

Please link one or more logs, preferably recent:
Currently do not have any logs. Can grab some from an LFR or Normal run if needed.

Please provide one or more screenshots of your UI while in combat (preferably in a raid/dungeon):
Will add in shortly.

Please go to and test your connection to Chicago, USA. Post the link to your test here:

What kind of computer do you have? (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc)(Hint: Use the WoW Beta profile page):
i5 6600k OC to 4.3GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 970.

History and Availability
Please give an account of your raid experience, including any pre-WoD content you completed. Please
only include content completed when current:

I haven't done much past heroic this expansion due to some work and relocating a few times. Here is some of my higher end experience from last expansion:

T17 - Good Game - 7/7 10/10M - US 300 kills as Ele (Blackrock Foundry/Highmaul)
T16 - Dysfunction - 14/14H - US 51Garrosh playing as Ele (Seige of Ogrimmar)
T15 - Dysfunction - 13/13H - US 74 Ra-den playing as Ele/Resto (Throne of Thunder)
T14 - Dysfunction - HSha of Fear - US 63 playing as Resto
T13 - Dysfunction - 8/8H - US 353 - playing as Resto

What other guilds have you been in? Why did you leave them?
Good Game took a break after completing the tier and never continued.

What websites or tools do you use to prepare for new content and to keep up-to-date on your class?
MMO-Champion/Icy Veins

Why do you want to join Pals for Life?
Timing works perfectly for me and is around my progress/gear level

Do you have any foreseeable schedule conflicts with the posted raid times?
I have to work 1 week of evenings and 1 week of overnights every 3 months. Overnight shifts start at 11pm so I would have to leave an hour early during those weeks. Evenings are 3pm-11pm and would have to miss that week entirely. It is only for 2 weeks every 12 week period.

More About You...
Which of the bosses you've encountered was the most challenging to you, and why?
Final 3 bosses of SoO in Mythic.
Those bosses required a lot of individual responsibility during progression. Each one took a couple hundred wipes per boss and required a lot of endurance.

What do you think you bring to the guild that others of your class/spec cannot bring? Why should we
choose you over another applicant?

I know my class well and have raided in a lot of different environments. I used to raid 4/5 nights a week and have worked hard through hundreds of wipes on a boss. I know kills don't come easy and take the dedication and teamwork of everyone to succeed.

(BONUS) Write a haiku about PALS FOR LIFE...drawing a picture is also acceptable
In the twilight rain
these brilliant-hued hibiscus -
A lovely sunset.

Re: Enhancement/Resto Shaman

Thanks for posting, the raid leaders will review your app and get with you shortly.

FYI Plagiarism in your haiku is frowned upon.

Dora wrote:

(BONUS) Write a haiku about PALS FOR LIFE...drawing a picture is also acceptable
In the twilight rain
these brilliant-hued hibiscus -
A lovely sunset. … rain_23470

Be excellent to each other.
Dodging Malarian Suicide Bombers™ since 2010.

Re: Enhancement/Resto Shaman

Definitely guilty, I had to remember what went into a Haiku lol

UI Screenshot:

Re: Enhancement/Resto Shaman

Recount? what is this 2005?


Re: Enhancement/Resto Shaman

Spiffy wrote:

Recount? what is this 2005?

I know it's older lol... It's just always worked for me and is still receiving updates and I haven't switched to Skadda.

Re: Enhancement/Resto Shaman

I still use recount



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