Topic: Dear Gentlemen

I am on a quest to find a copy of the old video I made on my 29 twink (Twinkimo), and was wondering if any of you fine gentlemen might have a copy of it or know someone who does?

Let me know fair friends.


Your x-Pal.

Re: Dear Gentlemen

No, but I have hd video  of us making out in whistler on the porch.

I like dicks, things with dicks. Dick shaped things, and dicks.

Re: Dear Gentlemen

I looked briefly to see if you posted it, but couldn't find anything. I gave you access anyway if you wanted to search.

Re: Dear Gentlemen

I have a 16 minute video of twinkimo called TwinkTrailerFinished, is that it?

Re: Dear Gentlemen

Also make sure they accept hand jobs as payment before signing anything!